The importance of a thorough, fair and objective investigation is critical prior to a formal hearing, and is reflected as such in the ACAS code of practice and guidance.

Our independent investigation service offers schools, academies and trusts an exceptional and thorough process of investigation, using ACAS trained investigators with first class knowledge of employment law, schools, governance and HR in general.

We undertake or support all types of investigations including disciplinary, grievance, and bullying and harassment.

There are many reasons why an external consultant may be asked by an employer to help with an investigation.

The situation is complicated, will require extensive investigation and the employer does not have the necessary skills or resource
The organisation is small and any available manager or school representative are too close to be truly impartial
The organisation’s representative is not confident undertaking an investigation and needs help and/or support
An external consultant can provide the following:
  • Objectivity
  • Impartiality
  • Extensive HR experience & knowledge
  • In-depth understanding of the legal framework
  • A full understanding of what needs to be investigated and documented
  • Cost saving - a well conducted investigation is highly relevant to avoiding or reducing the risk of an expensive employment tribunal
  • Significantly reduces emotions and tensions in highly charged situations

What this service includes:

  • On site visit to establish and confirm the terms of reference
  • Review of documentation
  • Interviews (face-to-face and/or telephone where appropriate)
  • Written summary of interviews and sign-off
  • Comprehensive investigation report
  • Attendance at meetings/hearings to present findings as necessary

Investigation support

In some cases, it may be preferable for you to carry out your own internal investigation. In such cases, we can provide a helping hand or additional support for complex cases as you need. We can also provide mentoring to those who are new to such roles.

Note: We will always use our best endeavours to conduct and complete investigations within agreed timescales. However, where it is necessary to meet with multiple people during the course of the investigation, the process can be constrained by their availability. Where delays are likely to occur as a consequence of this, we will discuss this with the client and keep them fully informed of our progress.

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